Main cleaning

To clarify the expectations you as a customer have for the cleaning, we will inspect before the collaboration and have a chat with you.


A main cleaning includes:

  • Removal of spiderwebs
  • Vacuuming and washing all floors, vacuuming panels included
  • Tables and chairs are wiped
  • Doors, frames and baseboards are washed
  • Sofas and chairs are vacuumed
  • Wiping of all accessible surfaces (tables, window sills, shelving, chests of drawers, etc.)
  • Wiping of lamps


  • Exterior and interior cleaning of kitchen cabinets
  • Exterior and interior cleaning of refrigerators / freezers
  • Exterior and interior cleaning of stove / ovens
  • Wiping of ventilation hood, kitchen sink and tap fitting
  • Cleaning of tiles


  • Cleaning and descaling of all surfaces, incl. toilet, shower / tub, sink and fixtures
  • Polishing of mirrors


For head cleaning, we have equipped ourselves. However, you are responsible for emptying cupboards and putting them in place afterwards.

The price is DKK 30 per sqm – additional price can be added for special tasks, this is agreed upon inspection.

NOTE: For main cleaning, the amount is charged on the day of performing the cleaning. Payment can be made via MobilePay or immediate transfer.