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    Whatever it is that you need to clean up – from an apartment or a house to an office or even an industrial warehouse, we’re up to it!

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    We understand that when you hire us to do the cleaning, you want to save time big time. This is why we always work so fast!

  • Top Quality

    With more than 10 years of experience, all of our cleaning professionals are ready to keep the dirt off your property!

  • Affordable Pricing

    Just compare our shockingly low pricing and the mind-blowing rates that other Copenhagen based cleaning companies have…

Services The size of our team and our protracted expertise allow us to accomplish absolutely any type of task at hand!

Our Clients What they said about us


Stephen hill

„Moving out of the old house into a brand new one is no easy feat on its own… I hardly imagine how we would of dealt with all the cleaning up if it was not for help by these tremendous, quick and price affordable service!”


Rafela Meyers

„While I’ve always used to clean up my house pretty thorough, when it came down to renting it out, it turned out the house needed a deep cleaning and urgently. Thanks God there are companies like this for that!”


John Hone

„While I was looking for a cleaning company, I’ve realized that all the prices they offer me are just way too high… This company was the only one who gave me a reasonable pricing quote for cleaning our 3 offices daily”

Tell us more about your mess Making both houses and offices shine crispy clean is our craft!

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